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Information about the Dance tonight. PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE.

Posted Date: 03/09/2018

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We are excited about our choir sponsored dance tonight!  Here are a few items to remember as you check in:

1.  You must be academically eligible to attend as of Monday.  That means that if you were failing classes as of Monday you may not attend the dance.

2.  No bags of any kind will be allowed in the building.

3.  Parents must drop off and pick up students on the north end of the building only.  Front entrances will be locked.  Students will not be allowed to stand in front of the building to wait on rides from parents.

4.  Students must submit to a metal detector search before entrance to the dance is granted per board policy.

5.  Students will not be readmitted to the the dance should they choose to leave early.

6.  Students must have a ride waiting on them at the end of the dance.  9:00pm is closing time.  Parents should be waiting on their student at this time.  Students needing to call for a ride must do so before 8:45pm.

7.  Students must be picked up no later than 9:15pm

8.  There will be concessions available so bring money.

9.  Have a good time and enjoy the dance!