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Posted Date: 03/04/2018

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Dear DMS Parents,

In past few weeks, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of threats to the school. There is a post making the rounds today that indicates a student is going to shoot up the middle school. The police were contacted by concerned parents, and they have kept us in the loop during their investigation this evening. The police have completed their investigation of this threat and have found it to be a rumor spread by sixth graders through social media posts. Because this threat is a social media rumor, please monitor your child's and your social media and do not re-post this rumor. 


Students have expressed to me that they are worried and want to know what we are doing to keep them safe.  Duncan Public Schools continues to be proactive by aggressively investigating each report of impending violence we receive.  We have a tremendous working relationship with the Duncan Police Department.  Their help is instrumental.  We have a school resource officer who patrols our campus regularly.  Our staff is on the lookout for any suspicious behavior during the day.  Our biggest asset in our investigations has been the information we have received from parents and students.  We urge you to keep telling us what you see on social media.


Now more than ever it is important to talk to your student about school violence and also to be aware of his/her media presence.  Students need to be reassured at home that the school is taking every possible measure to protect their safety.  Students also need to know that they are always welcome to speak to a principal, teacher, or counselor if they do not feel safe.  Any information we obtain from them is kept confidential to keep students from being identified as the informant.  If they see something, they need to say something. 


Parents need to keep a close eye on student use of social media.  I urge you to read each post your child makes and each post/text your child receives.  As parents, we are responsible for keeping our children safe.  They may see this as an invasion of their privacy but it is not.  This is about making sure that our school is a safe place for them to come and learn.  Parents need to let the school or police know if they see things that cause a risk to the safety of students at Duncan Public Schools.


Below you will find resources to help you speak with your child about violence in schools and resources to guide you through guarding your student's social media presences.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns.  My first and foremost concern has always been and will always be the safety of our kids.  I am proud of our students and teachers.  I am proud to have you as parents.  Thank you for caring for our students.


Wade Hampton, Principal

Duncan Middle School

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