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DMS Tardy Policy

Posted Date: 05/31/2017

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In previous years our main office staff has seen an increasing problem with children arriving late to school in the morning. Since busses rarely arrive late, this was either because walking students were not leaving themselves enough time or parents were dropping their students off late. We are asking for your cooperation and support to ensure that your son/daughter arrives on time every day.


For this school year student tardies will be reviewed on a weekly basis.  Each student will receive two "free" tardy passes per week.  On the 3rd and 4th tardy students will be required to serve an after school detention.  The fifth and sixth offense will result in two days of after school detention.  7 tardies will result in 3 days of ISI.  8 or more will result in further disciplinary action at the discretion of the principal(s).


This is a difficult problem to address because in many cases it is not the student’s fault that they are arriving late to school.  Middle school students are extremely dependant upon a parent or other adult to provide a ride.  We hope that this new policy will provide the extra motivation needed to get those struggling with this issue to school on time.


There are many reasons to promote prompt arrival to school. Lost instructional time cannot be recovered, and it is also disrupting to the ebb and flow of a classroom when students continue to filter in long after the class has begun. We are also reinforcing a valuable life skill about promptness/timeliness and meeting commitments.


We will only excuse students from tardies due to doctor appointments or court/legal appointments.  In this case we ask that the parent/guardian provide the front office with a note from the doctor or legal representative.  These professionals will provide a note upon request from the parent.


We hope that you will join our efforts to promote promptness at Duncan Middle School.



Wade Hampton, Principal

Duncan Middle School

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